The Perfect Bottle for Your Lemon Water

The fabulous H20 bottle is equipped with a squeezer, making easy for you to add your lemon and infuse it. Refill the bottle with water at anytime, without having to remove the fruit.

Here's Why You Need Lemon Water

Along with the fat loss benefit, Research shows that your lemon water can boost your energy level, brighten your skin and aid your digestion. It has become a popular choice among celebrities, athletes and dieters. Wondering Why ? Go ahead and skip that morning coffee for your lemon water.


Kourtney Kardashian

" 8 to 12 ounces of filtered water with fresh lemon, it's my first thing in the morning. It helps jump-start your metabolism and detox your body "


“I try to take care of myself, drinking at least a gallon of water with lemon a day.” 

Naomi Campbell

“The first thing I do in the morning is to have hot water with lemon and probiotics.” 


Took this out of the mailbox, washed it, cut a lemon in half and added water. I just love this bottle ! It makes it too easy to drink lemon water whenever.

Doria .S

Love this bottle. This one was a gift for my mother ( I already have one of my own) and she loved the colour and also the amount of space for the fruit. 

Jackie .T

The design of the bottle is what I love the most. It's very useful and easy to use. I usually use it when I go to the gym or when I go to work 

Katie .F